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Bangkok’s Pride

If privacy, comfort and ease are what you value while on vacation, welcome to Ma Du Zi, which means “Come, See, Stay”. I was glad I went, saw and stayed.


Since Ma Du Zi is so conveniently located next to Asoke station in Sukhumvit, I decided to take the skytrain to beat the city’s notorious rush hour traffic. The first thing I noticed about this boutique hotel is that it is hardly noticeable from the street. Sheltered by a tall floral fence that serves to conceal the residence-like boutique hotel, Ma Du Zi is a clandestine oasis cleverly lodged in the most popular district in vibrant Bangkok.

As I had not expected the high level of privacy fiercely guarded by Ma Du Zi, my walk took me further then I should from the skytrain station. In reality, the hotel is practically next to The Exchange Tower, which is a prominent building in the area.

Like any respectable private residence, visitors have to get pass security before being admitted onto the property. I was expecting some difficulty trying to communicate with the guard but thankfully, my name was already on his list. I later learned that only hotel guests were allowed on the premises.

I was expecting to see a typical front desk you would expect from a hotel, but Ma Du Zi does not do typical. A modern restaurant and bar greeted me first with the warm, inviting and cosy atmosphere. The reception counter is less conspicuous but intended that way as guests are supposed to breeze in and out of the whole check in, check out process. This homely hotel would not want you to waste a precious minute on unnecessary mundane stuff when you should be enjoying your stay already.

Next up was time to check out my room. By then I should have gotten used to Ma Du Zi’s unconventional entrances yet I was still rather surprised to be greeted by a sophisticated pantry on which sat an Illy espresso machine. Even though I’m no coffee enthusiast, I couldn’t help but felt excited about trying my hands on making a cuppa with this fancy machine.

The room continued to churn out delightful surprises in the form of a super wide, super king size bed with a posturepedic mattress on it. Facing the bed is a wide, flat screen TV with a Bose sound system that docks an iPod. Unlike many hotels where the toilet and bathroom are attached, here, the two are wisely separated for better convenience. After looking into the bathroom, you will have to agree it is for the best as the bath features an opulent infinity Jacuzzi tub with water that fills from the ceiling. Imagine having to wait for your turn to use the bathroom if your partner decides to spend some alone time in the hot tub. While it looks sophisticated, this smart tub is easy to operate as the Jacuzzi automatically starts working when water is filled to the brim.

Although we city slickers claim to want to get away from work while on vacation, how many of us can truly refrain from checking our emails daily? Without having to leave your room to get to the business centre, Ma Du Zi provides complimentary in-room WI-FI internet connection throughout your stay. There is also a neat business corner right in the comfort of your own room that comes complete with a printer and fax machine in one. In my case, I found the printer to be exceptionally useful as I could print out my e-ticket for the flight back which I had carelessly misplaced.

When I wasn’t soaking in the tub or flicking through the selection of cable channels, the study area was my favourite corner. From the window behind the armchair, it gave me a glimpse of the cityscape, one in which I could look out but others could not look in. The bustling scene reminded me once again why I love the city but yet I was glad to have my private sanctuary that gave me respite from all the action.

I have lost count of the number of times I have visited Bangkok, but something about this stay made me feel as though I was looking at the city through different eyes. For this new sensory experience, I credit it to Ma Du Zi, which gave me a strong sense of security while providing all the comforts of home, a very luxurious home if I may add.