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Zen Soul-Journ In Kyoto


The pleasant surprise at Hoshinoya Kyoto is that it has no televisions or VCRs in guest rooms. Or rather, she has no need for such distraction from the beauty of nature. Situated in the picturesque Arashiyama valley, Hoshinoya allows visitors to sojourn in the comfort and unique accommodation experience of their own private villa with an atmosphere far removed from the outside world.

The start of a Hoshinoya Autumn spiritual experience begins with a privately arranged rickshaw ride through the most famous Sagano bamboo forest in Japan. The distinctive rustle of the bamboo leaves is a tonic for the soul. Arriving at famed Togetsukyo Bridge, one cannot help but admire the beautiful red Momiji leaves dancing in the air. Boarding a private ferry to the resort, the ten minute boat ride along the Oigawa River indulges visitors to cast aside earthly worries and simply embrace the stunningly beautiful views of autumn. A picturesque nobles’ retreat greets upon arrival – visitors will be instantly aware of how exclusive the location actually is.

Founded upon the concept of experiencing authentic Japan with modern comfort, Hoshinoya Kyoto seeks to treasure Kyoto’s values and culture and her harmony with nature while accepting a modern sensibility. All guest accommodations feature a view of the Oigawa River, delighting those who stay here for the beauty of the season. The rooms are built in the Sukiya “tea house” style of 17th century Japan, and softly lit to bring out the Kyoto-style paper patterning. True to the concept of authentic Japan with modern comfort, furnishing is in modern Japanese style but made to appear at their most beautiful, at the eye level of a viewer kneeling formally. After soaking in the exquisite en suite Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) bath tub, put on Zori (Japanese clogs), Tabi (Japanese socks), slip into traditional Japanese wear and get ready for the magic that unfolds.

Hoshinoya offers a variety of rare and unique opportunities to experience Japan. Guests can not only discover the richness of Kyoto’s natural beauty, but also discover the spirit and sophistication of Kyoto culture. Experience self enlightenment through morning Zen meditation in a temple, enjoy a romantic dinner on the river boat under the star-lit skies, a Kyoto walk in Kimono, Ikebana classes,  biking in Kyoto (all upon request), or Monko, a Japanese incense ceremony (organised daily).

As one’s spirit heals through breathtaking sights, pleasing sounds of nature and spiritual experiences that touches the heart, the taste of Hoshinoya beckons. Kyoto cuisine has always combined mainstream Japanese cooking with Kyoto’s imperial tradition and selected local ingredients. Helmed by one Michelin-star chef Kubota Ichiro, Hoshinoya, Kyoto Japanese cuisine is carried to a new level by boldly incorporating foreign cooking art. Indulge in the exquisite taste of Kyoyasai (Kyoto local vegetables), prepared with full respect for the seasons and be led gently from one dish to another in your gastronomic journey. For true culinary pilgrims, arrangements can also be made in advance for an ethereal dining experience at the nearby Kyoto Kitcho, a 3 Michelin Stars Japanese restaurant in Arashiyama.

While adjourning to one of the 25 guest rooms for rest, be mesmerised by the “Water Garden” in front of the library and try to spot the “Hidden Garden” nestled amongst the guest rooms. Both are illuminated after dark, by stars in the skies and carefully placed subtle lighting, to represent the phases of the crescent moon turning full. Immersed in the pleasures of a shadowy world, lost in the bright fluorescent illumination in which we live today, Zen is discovered in Kyoto.

P.S. If absolutely necessary, rental DVD player, DVD movies and projectors are available upon request


Hoshinoya Kyoto is situated in the easily accessible yet stunningly beautiful Arashiyama region of Kyoto City, a traditional vacation area dating back to the Heian era (794 – 1185). Upon boarding a boat from the famed Togetsukyo Bridge, guests can take in the splendour of Arashiyama’s natural scenery in a ten minute boat ride up the Oigawa River before reaching Hoshinoya Kyoto.