Italian expert wedding planner specialising in castle weddings!

We may not have seen this famous classic that brought Audrey Hepburn to fame. But surely, most of us would have heard of the iconic movie Roman Holiday. That’s a beautiful name for a movie that featured some of the most stunning places in Italy. And what can be more exciting than to travel to the country of love, great food and exceptional scenery and have your pre-wedding or honeymoon photographs taken there?

For the first time in Singapore, the specialist in destination weddings – Giunone Wedding – is organizing two groups for an eat, play, shop and shoot vacation in Italy. A Russian married to an Italian husband, owner and founder of Giunone Wedding, Olga Jastrebkova knows Italy like the back of her hand. This well-travelled and well-connected lady has been planning weddings and parties in Europe for years and knows just where the best deals are.

Because of her love for Italy, Olga feels that couples should be able to bring home the best memories of this amazing country. But it’s not the easiest thing to do when you are unfamiliar with the locations and time is a constraint. To counteract this, Giunone Wedding works closely with the best photographers in Italy, including those from the prestigious Superior Institute of Photography (ISFCI). These photographers are all masters of the craft and their combined experience means that they know exactly where are the best locations, the best angles and the best time of day and lighting required to capture the most beautiful scenes.

giunone_weddings_singaporeTo complement this international experience, Giunone has both Japanese and Italian stylists to create makeup looks that range from natural to seductive, depending on individual tastes. Even though the most well-planned photography routes are included in the itinerary, Olga believes that couples should be given the flexibility to implement their own locations if they so desire.

More than a photography trip, this is also a fun trip which includes the finest places to stay in (such as a castle hotel), the tastiest places to dine in (vouched by food gourmets) and the best bargains you can get (imagine top labels at incredible prices!). Couples can rest assured that they will be well taken care of throughout the trip and not having to jostle with other tourists or haggle for prices. The experience offered and the itinerary planned is value for money.

Besides overseas wedding destinations, Giunone Wedding can help you plan an extraordinary wedding in Singapore too. Be it an ethnic or multi-cultural wedding, you can be sure that it’s going to be a fantastic wedding!