Budget Tips For Your Wedding

1. Plan and Prioritise

Determine your budget and stick to it! Set the priorities for your wedding and decide what the must-haves and wish-to-have are.

2. Limit the Guest List

Go personal, you don’t have to invite everyone and his neighbour. Each guest increases your costs drastically.

3. Location, Location, Location

Be creative. You don’t have to hold your banquet in grand expensive places. Think museums, country clubs, gardens of rich friends. Or look for an all-inclusive package to save costs.

4. Timing

Choose an off-peak season for your wedding! Weekend weddings are more expensive with Saturdays being the most horrendous. Having a lunch or tea wedding will also lower your costs.

5. Shop Smart

Get walking. Many smaller shops offer great deals. Get quotations from several suppliers to compare the quality, quantity, price and service. Check all the fine print and most importantly, don’t just buy everything from the first shop!

6. Food-Wise

Consider high tea, buffet, luncheon or brunch instead of the usual sit-down 8 course affair.

7. Wedding Attire

Smaller boutiques usually carry popular styles at a fraction of designer boutiques’ cost. Renting is also a cheaper option. Borrow your accessories if you could.

8. Flowers

Add a personal touch and decorate your venue with your friends and family! If you know another wedding is taking place at the same venue on the same day, approach the couple and suggest co-sharing of decorations.