Count Down To The Big Day


Three months before

Shape Up
Say I-do to a slimmer body. To show off svelte curves in your wedding gown, it’s important to plan an exercise regime that includes aerobic workouts, such as jogging, swimming and cycling, says Dr SM Yuen, medical director of Altas Medical – Laser &Aesthetics Clinic. Engaging in these activities in half-hour sessions thrice a week can lead to overall weight loss.
To target stubborn fat areas impervious to exercise, treatments like the Acoustic Shockwave Therapy can help. Available at Atlas Medical, this uses acoustic shockwaves to make fat cells resonate, vibrate and break down. You can see toning and trimming effects after just one 30-minute session. An inch-loss of up to three inches requires about 12 sessions performed twice weekly.

Bust Cellulite
Banish the orange-peel appearance with the Body Slimulator treatment at the Sloane Clinic. This non-invasive treatment fights localised fat and cellulite. Ultrasound and infrared energies bust fat cells, as radiofrequency waves tone up skin in the treated area. As there is heat involved, you should feel some discomfort but it’s not unbearable. There is no downtime, although the area treated may be tender and red for up to a day after the treatment. You should see a reduction of one to four inches in the treated areas after six sessions, spaced one to two weeks apart. Skin is visibly smoothened, and there is a noticeable reduction in cellulite.

Pearly Whites and Healthy Pinks
You will be smiling a lot before, during and after your wedding, what with all the pictures to take. NEUGLOWDental White Centre at Novena Medical Centre offers a home whitening kit as well as in-clinic whitening system. Pink healthy-looking gums can also do wonders for your smile. If you have dark or black patches on your gums, do consider removing these patches with a laser treatment. “These patches are harmless natural pigmentations. However, they can make your smile look unaesthetic,” says Dr Leonard Tan. “A common complaint from patients is that their gums look ¡®dirty’.” The laser treatment is simple and relatively painless, while results are long-term. However, it takes about two to three sessions to remove the spots.

Volumise Hair
Add life to dull and limp hair with Phyto Hair Spa by Revamp’s Volumising Treatment. Using silicone-free products, this scalp treatment lightens the ends of your hair shafts and adds bounce to hair roots.
For best results, do this weekly for the first month and fortnightly from the second month onwards. After the first three sessions, you should have well-hydrated tresses and a healthier scalp. You will also love the fact that this hair spa is outfitted with massage chairs and LCD screens for individual comfort throughout your treatment.

Two months before

Blast Spots
To treat mild acne marks, Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment works well for most people. But if you are pain-averse, your best option may be Cosmelan – a depigmenting peel that fades freckles and age spots. Even better – it also mattifies oily skin. Available at TCS at Central Clinic, it involves leaving on a mustard-coloured mask on the face for six to eight hours, followed by the daily application of takehomeskincare  recommended by the doctor. Side effects are minor and these include mild redness, itching and burning, all of which should subside quickly. You will see a clearer and brighter complexion in two weeks, with continuous skin improvement for up to six months.

Two to four weeks before

Minimise Fine Lines
It’s best to lay off harsh aesthetic treatments from now on. Compared to traditionalmicrodermabrasion, SilkPeel Dermal Infusion is gentler on skin. Offered at Atlas Medical – Laser & Aesthetics Clinic, it is a wet abrasion that infuses skin with skin-loving actives. The hydrating formula, in particular, drenches parched skin in moisture to smoothen skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Side effects include temporary redness.

Detox Your Back
Look good in a low-back gown by lavishing some attention on this oft-neglected area. Leonard Drake Skin Care Health Spa’s Detoxifying Back Acne Treatment targets acne on the back withDermalogica’s MediBac Clearing Masque.
This starts with deep cleansing and extraction, and is followed by a detoxifying upper shoulder and neck massage. To prevent further breakouts, a medical mask is applied. It contains sulphur and mineral clay to clear bacteria, reduce excess sebum and soothe irritated skin. Charcoal in the mask also purifies skin by absorbing oils and impurities.
Expect a silky-smooth, acne-free back after treatment.

One week before

Nix Sudden Outbreaks
For that humongous zit which just sprouted days before your big event, there’s always the steroid jab as a last resort. Available at most aesthetic clinics, this subsides inflammation so rapidly it can make your problem go away in 24 to 48 hours. This is a highly effective solution to quell pimples almost instantaneously, but should be used sparingly. Long-term and over-frequent use of steroids can lead to severe side effects such as high blood pressure and strokes. Don’t say you have not been warned.

Fix Chipped Pearlies
Should you unfortunately chip or break a tooth right before the wedding, don’t fret – help is available at NEUGLOW Dental White Centre. Depending on the severity of the damage, the dentist may repair the tooth with dental fillings (for minor chipping), dental crowns or porcelain veneers (for more severe cases), or implants (if the tooth cannot be saved).
Typically, crowns and veneers take a few weeks to be manufactured, while an implant takes about three months. If time is not on your side, your dentist may suggest the use of a temporary cap until your crown, veneer or implant is ready. This is a thin plastic coating that will protect your tooth and improve your smile in the meantime.

Reduce Eyebags
If you suffer from crow’s feet and eye bags, treat yourself to the Eye Contour Treatment at Vedure Mediboutique. Using radiofrequency energy, this improves microcirculation around the eyes to reduce sagging and restores vitality to the area. The gentle massaging movement of the machine used also firms and tightens to eliminate puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles, making eyes look naturally lifted. Results are visible after just one 60-minute session. If the problem is severe, do consider a series of 10 treatments for best results.