It’s Your Day, Look the Best!


Thin lips? Dry skin? Chubby cheeks? Don’t let the ‘bride-to-be beauty blues’ be your ‘something blue’ before your wedded bliss. W&T comes again to the rescue with corrective make up tricks that will keep you from hiding under your veil and exclaiming “It’s MY day, where is my photographer!”

Beauty starts with great skin

There are two skin types that can pose wedding day makeup woes; dry, flaky skin and oily, acneac skin.

Correction: Treat dry, flaky skin by moisturising the skin prior to make up application. Apply a hydrating mask sheet for 10-15 minutes, lift off and tap the skin gently to allow the remnants of the mask to be absorbed into the skin.

If the skin is dry in certain spots, avoid excess moisture by cutting the mask and just spot correcting the dry area.

Try SkinFood’s Herb Salad Face Sheet which is moisturizing, anti-reddening and calming. *Avoid powder which makes the skin look drier.

Correction: Oily, acneac skin can cause make up to slide off and you can look greasy in photos. Use an oil-free moisturizer as well as a foundation primer. Primers set the stage for longevity with your make up by creating a breathable barrier between excess sebum and your makeup so the makeup does break down and wear off. Try Laura Mercier’s Foundation Primer.

You’ve got it flaunt it… or not.

Chubby cheeks were adorable when you were running around in diapers; by the time your wedding day arrives you are probably tired of Aunt Bertha pinching them. Fret not as simple highlighting and shadowing can enhance and minimize your best and worst features.

Correction: Make a round face slender by applying a ½ shade darker foundation on the sides of the face, shadowing excess width. Create the illusion of extra length by highlighting the cheek bones which lift the face up adding to the elongated appearance.

You can slim a nose by a similar process – shadow the sides of the nose while adding highlight to the bridge. Essentially, visualize what you would like to recede by adding shadowing (foundation ½ – 1 shade darker than your skin) and enhance your better features by creating a highlight by using a product to catch light.

*Try MAC’s Face and Body foundationwith a sheer, natural looking coverage and easy to blend, water-resistant formula; it ‘delivers professional looking results that meets the exacting standards of beauty photography.’

Freckle face!

Freckles are controversial beauty; some people love them, some do not. While sunscreen certainly prevents spots, you can soften their appearance once they are there. Don’t aim for 100% freckle disappearance as your skin will start to look chalky. *Freckles appear darker in some black and white photography situations.

Correction: For extreme amounts of freckles, choose a foundation that is between your underlying skin shade and your freckles. If the spots are just on your cheeks then use this foundation mix on your cheeks and a proper foundation match for the rest of you skin. *Opt for an hd-balanced foundation that make up artists refer to as a ‘second skin’, a hyper-pigmented base that mimics healthy, glowing skin with gorgeous texture and coverage without the cakey quality.

Runway Mascara

Mascara brands tend to be more of a preference really, but if yours tends to run and smudge, first check to see that your eye cream is not too emollient and therefore breaking down your mascara and secondly you may want to opt for waterproof for your wedding day.

Correction: Bobbie Ng, a very talented make up guru with The Make Up Room, has a well-thought out mascara philosophy: ‘It is a must to wear mascara, especially so if you are wearing eyeshadow or eyeliner.

The use of mascara not only helps to open up the eyes, but it also adds definition to the overall look. Therefore, if there’s only one thing you can do on the eyes, it has to be the mascara.

Asians tend to have shorter and straighter lashes, so curling our eyelashes is very important. Most Asians have problems with smudgy mascaras also partly because their lashes are not curled properly, thus there is a lot of contact between the lower lids and the eyelashes each time we blink. However, if lashes are curled, it minimizes the contact between lids and lashes, and smudging will not be as obvious.

After curling the lashes, the kind of mascara that we apply is also very important.  Many times, there are women who complain that their mascaras can’t hold the curl, therefore, using a WATERPROOF mascara would help hold the curl better than that of a WATER-RESISTANT one. This is because a WATERPROOF formula tends to be drier and a water-resistant formulation tends to contain more moisture, curls tend to straighten when there’s too much moisture.’

Don’t forget to comb through your mascara; it may seem frivolous but a shot of you with a big mascara clump does not say ‘chic wedding’. If chiseling away at waterproof mascara is not your favorite past-time – consider dying your lashes at a spa. *Try Hourglass Cosmetic’s Superficial Lash and Tweezerman’s Eyelash Comb

Architectural Arches

Eyebrow shape is most important to your overall appearance. Overly tweezed brows exposing your brow bone will leave your eyes appearing tired and heavy, too thin and round – you look surprised. Too sharp and geometric; you look like a drag queen, leave them alone or you’ll look unpolished.

Find your best shape for you in 3 steps:
Comb your brows straight up, look at your brow bone shape and where your natural arch would be – remove hairs that appear disconnected and stray.

Line up the outside of your nostril straight up to your eyebrows, remove hair that is in-between brows.
Line up the outside of your nostril angled towards your temple just catching the edge of your brow – this is where your brow should taper too.

Correction: If your eyebrows are too thin, get a revamp at Browhaus with their Brow Resurrection services. Over-tweezing can shock the roots and prevent hair growth.

Lip Service
Whether choosing light or dark lip colours for your wedding day you want luscious long-lasting colour. Thin and small lips look more sensuous with light lip colors while fuller lips can use deep shades. If you require more definition with your lips, line after you apply your lip colour to avoid looking like the Joker.

Correction: Base lips with Benefit’s Lip Plump, a neutral-tone primer that fills in lines, builds up the contour of your lips while helping lipstick longevity. Apply two dots on upper and lower lips, pat and blend, let dry then apply lipstick. A thin coat of vitamin E oil aids to seal in colour and moisturize.

You may now kiss the Groom!