Liven Up Your Party

Oh c’mon, wedding receptions don’t always have to be so proper and BO-RING; inject some fun and laughter too! Here are some quick tips.

1. Oh, Marry Me!

Have five friends dress up as people the bride could have married but didn’t. For example, the super-rich dashing playboy, cool surfer dude, brilliant CEO and flamboyant celebrity. Each of them should give a speech to persuade the bride why she should pick them.

2. Who’s My Bride?

Blindfold the groom. Select friends whose build and hair length are similar to the bride’s and get all of them to stand in a row with the bride. Now, the groom has to identify his bride by moving from one gal to another. Make sure the bride is not a green-eyed monster though!

3. Pass the M&Ms

Pass around a bag of M&Ms. Have everyone take as many as they wish, but they are NOT to eat them. When everyone is done, they have to say one thing about the bride or groom, depending on how many M&M’s they have in their hands.

4. Flower Trouble

A remake of an old move, the bride throws a bouquet made of numerous single stalks of flowers wrapped individually. Some of the ribbons tied to the flowers carry fun forfeits. Whoever catches hold of the forfeit fulfills them!

5. Design A Gown

Guests are divided into a few groups and every team creates a wedding dress with just tissue paper. One member of the team is to be the model for the creation.