Lofty Creations by Chef Irene, The Marriot Hotel


“I like the simple and classic. A wedding cake should be pure white, with a hint of silver. But I don’t like to be restricted, that’s why I always modify it into a modern classic,” says Chef Irene, The Marriott Hotel.

Most of the time, couples would bring a picture or design of their dream cake to Chef Irene, who would then begin looking for accessories to beautify the cake. Her confectionary artists aiding her also carve some of the decorations from sugar and cake icing.

“You always have to remember that the real cake is different from the picture. I have to explain this to couples at the beginning,” she says.

Although the height of the wedding cake is usually quite important to couples, their tight budget is always a constraint. As a result, most wedding cakes usually have two layers or use dummy tiers. While you have to be prepared to fork out $1, 500 for a Marriott dummy cake, dummy cakes are usually cheaper than real cakes by about $300-400.

Here we feature some of Irene’s simple but ravishing designs.

The Jackie Onassis Cake

A surprising twist on a familiar classic, this cake is reminiscent of old American families and icons such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Whimsical yet classy, it stands tall with pearl and silver studded sides, and hearts from the summit.

  • 5 layers in white, flanked with ribbons
  • Singular layer of columns
  • Array of pearl and silver bulbs and hearts
  • Tiny sliver and pearl beads carefully speckled around the cake’s sides

The Australian Blue

Unmistakably Australian, especially with its uncommon use of baby blue.

Inverted whine glasses as unique pillars add a touch of novel class, while hinting at the laid back culture of wine and vineyards.

  • 5 layers of cake in adorable baby blue
  • 3 layers of unique inverted wine glass pillars
  • Beautiful white roses and lilies for a floral touch
  • Charming ribbon lining round base

The Queen’s Cake

Fit for the Queen, with majestic Greek columns in between every layer.

The white English roses and base lining of silver beads on each layer further elevates the class of this treasure.

Clean cut and noble, a truly grand wedding cake.

  • 5 layers of cake in pure white
  • Majestic Greek columns in between each layer
  • White roses, green leaves for adornment
  • Tiny silver beads line the base of each tier