Maid of Honour Dos & Don’ts

1. Prepare the Bride

It is imperative she looks good. Touch up her makeup, adjust her veil or fix her hair whenever the need arises. Don’t forget to reassure her that all’s fine and she looks absolutely stunning – it doesn’t hurt to lie a little.

Do plan ahead. Leaving anything to the last minute means panicking on the big day over a misplaced hair accessory or some other nitty-gritty aspect.

Don’t lose your cool! You’ll be in a race against time to get her to the church or ceremony venue but more haste equals less speed. It doesn’t hurt to be fashionably late, but don’t be too late or you’ll forgo the entire wedding altogether.

2. Scheme and Plot with the “Sisters”

This is pretty self-explanatory. You’re not going to let the groom and his entourage in to see the bride that easily are you? It’s your God-given right and duty to lord it over them, at least this once!

Do make the men suffer. Don’t show mercy of any kind.

3. Lead the Bridesmaids

Being the maid of honour is a big thing and, as the name implies, a huge honour. You’re the leader of all the bridesmaids. Hence, you’re responsible for making sure they do everything required of them. Whip your troops into line. Not literally, of course.

Do follow the wedding coordinator’s instructions. And make sure every one smiles and looks their best; everyone’s looking.

Don’t be late. Punctuality is of prime importance. Ask the bride what time she’ll like you to be there and stick to the scheduled time. It’s bad to be late, especially when you’re part of the wedding party.

4. Personal Assistant

Be attentive to the bride and to her needs at all times. There are countless errands to be done, even up to hours before the wedding commences. Don’t just ask, “How can I help?” Rather, anticipate any needs the bride may have. Make sure she has something to eat and drink!

Do keep your hands free throughout the entire affair. You may be entrusted with carrying important items such as the groom’s ring and the bride’s bouquet.

Don’t keep complaining! You’re supposed to be there to help and motivate the bride, not add to her worries. She has enough problems of her own; so keep the “Do I look fat?” to yourself!

5. Shoulder To Lean On

Though this may be the happiest occasion in the bride’s life, it may also be one of the most mentally strenuous. At times she may be stressed out or overcome with emotion, so keep some tissue paper handy.

Do your best to keep her calm. Remind her of how far she’s come with a reassuring smile and gentle pat on the back.

Don’t smother her. She will need to release some of her pent up emotions. Let her cry – as long as there’s no one watching and the make-up artist is nearby.

6. Receiving the Bride

During the reception, you’ll stand in the receiving line together with the bridal party to welcome the newly married couple as they walk in.

Do remember to put on your best smile and give them a big round of applause!

Don’t steal the show; you’re not the star.

7. Dance

Come on, we know you’re dying to put on your dancing shoes! It’s common courtesy to have at least one dance, with the best man. They say one of the best places to meet your life partner is at a wedding. Who knows?

Do be friendly and outgoing. It’s a party! Eat, drink and dance to your heart’s content. Have fun!

Don’t leave the party early. It’s an important day for the bride so come on, be a good sport and be there for her right till the very end!

Final Tip: Finding a best man or maid of honour In the past, it was customary for the best man and maid of honour to be single. These days, the quality of the person in question and the closeness of the relationship between groom and best man, and bride and maid of honour are paramount. If you’re not sure what you should look out for, someone who fits the bill of being enthusiastic, willing to take charge in getting things organised, a good orator, responsible, calm and collected would be spot on. Sounds daunting? Rest assured, most brides and grooms settle for something remotely close.