Passionate Reds


Inexpensive and dependable, the alstroemeria is also known as Peruvian lily or Inca lily. It is available throughout the year and is inexpensive. Bearing multiple lily-like flowers on each stem, it can also be used as a standalone feature.

Orchid Mokara

A single, alluring and inexpensive Mokara makes beautiful corsages and is available throughout the year. The intensely coloured flower holds up well in heat.

Rose ‘Carolla’ and ‘Black Magic’

Popular classics, these large head red roses are not only affordable but also available throughout the year. Both can withstand harsh handling and moderate heat. Black magic is the deepest and darkest of all red roses and Carolla is a timeless true red.


Available throughout the year, inexpensive gerberas come in a rainbow of colours. You may need to wire the flowers as they tend to bend after some time. Ideal if you are seeking a retro 60’s look.


Ranunculus comes in various shades. Adding charm, gentleness and romance to any floral settings, it is relatively small in size and are thus not suitable for large arrangements unless used in large quantities. This flower is rather expensive and is not available throughout the year.


Adds a touch of fun and is an inexpensive choice of flower for table settings. Ideal for big weddings.


Available throughout the year, inexpensive carnations, also known as dianthus, have strong stems and are long lasting. They are great for creating large blocks of red in arrangements and in bouquets.