Perspectives On Pre-Wedding Shots

Weddings make for treasured memories, and a photographic record of the moods and moments is a heirloom for present and future. At the same time, different photographic styles fit different people. Follow us as we share insights from a group of professional studios on how they capture romance in a shot.

Playing with Light – Kim, Studio D’fia

Lighting is crucial to capturing a look in a moment, and every picture comes out differently with different lighting.

For this shot, lighting conditions were very poor. The rocks in the background were black but the contrast with the gown was great. Using colour film and a cross process, the contrast was lower and the evening light lent a mysterious blue cast.

Black & white film was pushed to the maximum to get this shot of the bride dancing in the middle of a busy road. Even then, it took five rolls of film to get just a few sharp pictures.

Natural Yet Classy – Tan Eng Howe, Montage Studios

“The best shots reflect a relaxed simplicity, as if the couple isn’t posing at all.”

For every individual shot, Eng Howe would seek to achieve a natural and classy feeling. And this includes selecting features to highlight in the photographs. For example, the breeze blowing resulted in an interesting rendering of the bride’s gown in the picture.

Attracted by the translucence of the long veil, Eng Howe used the dim light of the evening sun to complement the look.

Simplicity with Character – Chris Ling, Chris Ling Photography

Chris Ling uses simplicity to make a statement in his shoots, leading to clear, concise pictures.

In this picture, the lines created by the veil across the frame added details to a simple black and white shot.

A very simple studio background gives a great composition as the bride’s look is full of character. The picture tells the viewer a lot about the bride without fussy details.

Playfulness Incorporated – Andrew Choi, Andrew Choi Photography

Andrew makes it a point to incorporate fun into his shots. To him, playfulness and fun are key to capturing the mood of a relationship. His couples usually look like they are having the time of their lives.

This wide area of wild grass was found accidentally while driving around. The couple was transported back to childhood memories and the expressions showed.

Using surprising items like this enormous branch-like flower added a sense of cheekiness to the photograph. The couple and the photographer also had a lot of fun taking the picture.

Old World Romance – James Liang, Studio Concept

James’ work preserves the pure joy of every couple’s wedding day. Leaning towards unaffected poses, he concentrates on capturing a sense of the personalities involved, at the same time imbuing romance into his shots.

Using angles creatively, James contrasted the diagonal line of Chjimes with the posture of the couple to get a romantic and simple shot.

Sepia lends an old world charm to the photograph, creating a timelessness that will never date.