Project Love Nest

Project Love Nest

Text: Cherie Wong Photos: King & King Wong

Building your love nest together as a couple can be one of the most exciting things to do. Sure, it can be stressful when you neither know where to start nor have an eye for interior design goodness. But it is after all a journey of discovery, and perhaps, through the decisions you make together for your precious home, you will come to understand each other more than you already do.

There are different themes that people typically adopt for their homes. Many go for the modern, minimalistic chic look for its simplicity and convenience – these homes are usually decked in blacks, whites and grays, metal furnishing, and clean-cut glass furniture. The bolder amongst us may want to experiment with English Country, or go for a garden atmosphere. In English Country, a lot of fabric is used and the cloths usually contain a lot of floral details and other tiny printed patterns. Rugs with ruffles and crisp white bed sheets are also often the norm in such homes. In a garden-themed home, it is all about being laidback and getting in touch with nature. Potted plants, rattan chairs and even a patio are some of the details that contribute to this look.

You can also decorate your home by color or by room. Pink is making a surprising comeback, but before you think it is only for the girls, explore the other shades, like dusty pink and tea rose pink which can create the mood for that romantic escape you want with your spouse. If you prefer for each part of your home to look unique, the eclectic look will probably be your favorite. Dress up the master bedroom with floral curtains and satin sheets in hues of champagne and beige for a dreamy look, while decking the kitchen with wooden furnishing that screams contemporary. And don’t forget that the toilets and living room can be uniquely different too!

Statement pieces can lend personality to your crib too, so that your home becomes a place for self-expression. You might be pleasantly surprised when you go shopping at local antique shops, and find treasures like gramophones and rickety rocking chairs. They are guaranteed conversation starters when you have guests over for visits.

King & King Wong, which sells home furnishing and décor products, opens this November at the anticipated Nex mega shopping mall at Serangoon Central. Essentially a unique, one-stop lifestyle home furnishing and décor retailer, it boasts an extensive range of products such as curtain fabrics, kitchenware, beddings, carpets, lightings, upholstery, vases and glassware, and artificial flowers. There you will be able to find innovative yet practical items that help to make your home life easier and more convenient, and your living environment a beautiful sight to behold. Some of the products are seasonal and you will only be able to get them while stocks last, yet they are sold at non-premium prices – simply because everyone deserves a nice home. There you will also be able to find statement pieces such as porcelain statues and exotic lightings, as well as items that particularly allow you to recreate various home themes.

Building your own home can be an extremely tedious process, but it is nonetheless exciting and rewarding for the both of you. Get visual inspiration and do thorough research on the best deals in town, but most importantly, have fun in the process by getting involved! We wish you all the best.