Quick Tips on Making Your Wedding Memorable


If you are clueless about how to start planning your wedding, here are five quick tips from one of our contributors, Ming Ping, and his wife, Lehning. Learn how to make a wedding memorable for the right reasons now!

Tip 1: Enjoy the Process!

Many couples take a year or even three to plan their weddings. We’ve heard enough of couples who decided not to marry after a stressful planning process. In short? Keep your planning short. We only took 3 months to plan for our wedding in all. And good planning and willingness to deviate from the norm means you will have a wedding as memorable as those who planned two years ahead. Dragging the process will only drain more energy, dilute enthusiasm and shift your focus. Planning in such a short time means we did a lot of things ourselves. It’s no easy job but the painstaking hard work we’ve put in made the entire planning process more memorable and in turn bonded us closer to each other.

Tip 2: Decide on Your Special Theme

While it is more economical to sign a wedding package, there are definite trade-offs. One is that anything that deviates from the standard package will incur extra costs. Instead, consider creating your own theme, be CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE. A wedding need not be white, romantic or sweet like a typical Hollywood wedding. For example, go exotic, since Singapore is a tropical, multi-cultural country. Try a tropical theme or blend in the traditional cultural elements into a modern wedding. For our wedding, both of us wore traditional Chinese Wayang headdress with modern wedding gown and suit and the result was funky and super drama-mama. Food and venue decorations can also go with the theme.

Tip 3: Select Your Unique Venue

Be clear of what you want. Work within your budget but stretch it with innovative ideas. From the start we’ve decided not to have a hotel wedding simply because it’s beyond our budget and you’ve to book the hotel venue 1 year in advance! We wanted to have our wedding at a unique venue, preferably a colonial building with a garden setting. Some of venues we’ve considered included Burkill Hall in Botanical Gardens, a holiday bungalow etc and finally we decided to have our wedding at Fort Canning Centre. You can book some nice cosy restaurants with great setting — places like Flutes at the Fort, Beaulieu House at Sembawang Park, Indochine at Empress Place overlooking Singapore River, Arts House, and restaurants inside one of the Lim Chu Kang’s farms will be a refreshing change for city dwellers. Of course, if you’ve a friend who owns a colonial bungalow and is willing to let you use his place for your wedding party, that’ll be a blessing.

Tip 4: Enlist Your Friends’ Help

We couldn’t have done it without the help of our friends! My friends who are amateur photographers did our wedding photography. We did not have any studio shots; just outdoor shots at empty former barracks in Changi where most couples won’t go. Another of our friends did a ‘Wong Kar Wai’ style postcard wedding invitation card for us from two accidental overexposed wedding picture. My colleagues were the emcees for our wedding party and they were great natural entertainers, maintaining a light, fun atmosphere throughout the evening. A bunch of friends help us to install the wedding decorations/props we made earlier at the venue on the wedding day itself. They were really fast, efficient and independent, meaning, they could accomplish the task with minimal instructions and innovate on the spot. Basically, no man is an island, entrust the right man for the right job. The good thing about getting non-professionals like your friends to help out at your wedding is the element of ‘surprise’, for example, an unusual angle for a wedding photo, a refreshing way of decorating the stage with paper dollies stemming from the general instructions/materials you gave them, impromptu emcee style which was delightful. A couple having a D.I.Y. wedding must be able to accept the ‘unexpected’ with a positive and open mind.

Tip 5: Know What You Want

Lastly, remember, your happiness is in your own hands. The world can give you millions of suggestions but it is the two of you who decide. Be clear who you are and what you want for your wedding. Do not have a fanciful, atypical wedding just for the sake of it. To me, a wedding should reflect the unique personalities of the couple, each wedding should be unique and special, don’t just follow what’s ‘IN’ or fashionable blindly.