Returning Love


A souvenir in return for their love is a thoughtful gesture that will leave indelible imprints on your girlfriends’ and bridesmaids’ memory of your wedding celebrations. And it doesn’t have to cost you anything more than you’re ready to spend. These Do-It-Yourself gifts are not only pretty, they can be functional as well. Of course, it would be even sweeter if you attempt to create these yourself. It could even be a little project for you and your new spouse to work on together as you prepare for the big day.

Paper Art

These paper balls are easy to create, a lot of fun to work with and inviting to look at. Dolly paper can be scrunched up for a softer effect. Or you can choose your favourite printed designs from a heavier cardboard paper. You can go with your friends’ favourite colours or their favourite motifs. Draw some inspiration from origami books as well. You can display your finished paper art in little jars or bottles (affordable and easily available from places like Daiso). Consider putting them with pot-purri for a soft scented impact. You might wish to dab perfume on your paper art but that runs a risk of damaging the paper. Why not add a short “Thank You” on your finished work, a lovely expression of your thanks on your work of art.

Gift Tags & Pouches

They resemble little tote bags – both functional and rather cute to look at. Sizes can be customised to your preference. Again, designs are plentiful. Surely your friends would all love to have something that meets their favourite colours and taste? A simple cut-out piece of cloth tied with a ribbon can act as a gift tag or a means for you to pen your thanks. You could present it to them with the tag hanging on a flower, for instance. Alternatively, if you prefer to sew a little pouch, that could also hold a note of thanks or some well-wishes for all they have helped you with.

Jewellery/Hair Clips

Your friends would be delighted to don these pretty accessories designed and handmade by you. You could try to get some inspiration from books or jewellery catalogues. Special keychains could be made for those friends who are not particularly into jewellery. The completed adornments could be kept in little boxes or tied around cardboard squares for a more finished look. A plain hair clip could also be the canvas for you to work with, adding little rose buds, ribbons or sequins. The end product, clipped on to a note of thanks, would be such a sweet gift to receive.


Gone are the days when belts were simply made of leather. In its place, ribbons, sashes, waistbands of various materials and designs are worn to pretty effect. Here’s where you can spice things up too. Hunt for a material and finish that appeals to you and your friends. It could well be simple laces or embroidery work too. Finish the work with some clips or ringlet and viola! Your bridesmaids and girlfriends have lovely belts and waistbands to accessorise with.