Sunny Orange

Gerbera ‘Optima’ & ‘Orange Dino’

Available throughout the year, the inexpensive and flamboyant gerbera, or gerbera daisy as it is known, comes in a wide range of colours. Remember to use wiring to help it stand.


Lilies are moderately inexpensive, durable and can be used throughout your wedding. Remember to remove the stamens to prevent them from staining your clothes.

Rose ‘Konfetti’ & ‘Chelsea’

At almost 35 million years old, this flower is one of the earliest cultivated in the world. It is also an affordable option and can stand up to handling and moderate heat. If you bloom them way in advance, the flowers can last for 2-3 days more.


Though most commonly seen between April and August, you can still find it  towards the end of the year. Its petals can be fringed, single, layered or cupped.

Alstroemeria ‘Little Sun’

With multiple blooms on each stem, this resilient flower can last up to 7 days and is available in a palette of colours.


An interesting support flower, kniphofa has a thick stem with orange blossoms on the top. The best season for kniphofia is from April to September. This expensive flower is good for boutonnieres as well as mixed arrangements.

Carla ‘Mango’

As delicious as it sounds, this type of Carla is also unconventional and adds a modern twist to any arrangement.