The Meaning Behind The Colour

We all have something that we like best, be it a colour, dress or food. But did you know that there is a meaning behind the colour of a flower? Most of us don’t realise the hidden message behind receiving flowers, but traditionally flowers were chosen according to what their colour symbolised. For example, if a guy you fancied presented you with a bouquet of yellow roses, you would know that his feelings for you don’t extend beyond friendship and therefore you should know where you stand.

In fact, during Victorian times, flowers took on an additional importance as lovers would send each other messages using different coloured flowers. These associations were soon adopted for the bride’s bouquet and are still used today by many brides.

Today however, there are still those who are unaware of the meaning behind the colour of a flower and may be sending mixed messages as a result. So to save you the embarrassment of communicating the wrong message, we have listed the basic colour types and the meanings associated with them. Although these colours and their meanings traditionally apply to roses, you can apply them to other flowers as well.


This colour symbolises romantic, passionate love. Declare your love by presenting a bunch of vermillion blooms or use it to decorate your home, your wedding or even your bridal bouquet.



This colour suggests that the giver of the blossom has fallen in love with the recipient at first sight. So if you want to demonstrate your infatuation with a certain someone, present them with a bunch of purple blooms together with this website address and wait.


Coral and Orange

This colour symbolises desire and longing.



This cheerful colour symbolises friendship and joy. If you receive a bouquet of yellow blossoms, you should know where you stand.



This pretty feminine colour is used the express gratitude and appreciation, so why not thank your bridesmaids and wedding party with a bunch or posy of pink blossoms.


Light Pink

This delicate shade of pink displays feelings of admiration and sympathy.



This colour is a little more complex as it can mean either sympathy or gratitude.