The Seven Commandments for a Happy Marriage

Although there is no secret recipe for a happily ever after, there are some rules which can give your marriage a fighting chance at success, so listed below are seven, simple, yet effective points that can help strengthen your marriage.

1. Pride goes before a fall

Just as the age-old adage goes, where your relationship is concerned you should put aside your pride and instead, focus on solving the problem in an unbiased way. Marriage is not about who is right or wrong, it’s not a competition, its more important than that, and very often we tend to overlook its significance by getting side tracked by inconsequential matters.

2. Make up before the day ends

Constructive fighting is good for any relationship, as it helps your relationship grow and clarify differences. However, it is important not to go to bed before making up. By delaying resolving the problem, all you are doing is causing the resentment to fester and get worse, therefore, no matter how angry you may be, make the effort to solve the problem before either of you hit the sack.

3. Say you are sorry when you are wrong

If you are in the wrong, swallow that pride and admit it, no good will come about if you don?. Be mature and show your partner that even though you are mad, embarrassed and filled to the brim with pride, you are still willing to put all that aside to make the relationship work.

4. Talk, share and get connected

Remember how you used to tell your partner everything that went on in your life? Well, don? stop. By sharing your thoughts, experiences and feelings with each other, you are building a bond between yourselves. The key to a successful marriage is a strong friendship, so go head and be friends again.

5. If it’s going to hurt, bite your tongue

If what you are going to say will cause unnecessary hurt, just bite your tongue. Constructive criticism is good, but destructive criticism which is fuelled by spite and pettiness will just erode your relationship and causes more harm than good, so ask yourself, what your objective is before you utter those spiteful words.

6. Save the criticism for when you get home

Suppress your desire to lash out at your partner in public or to others. Show him / her, the respect they deserve by saving the tongue lashing for when you get home. Airing your dirty laundry to others would result in your partner losing face. Remember your vows, to ‘cherish each other for better or for worse’, well remember them whenever you are filled with desire to rant.

7. Have a little love

Having sex frequently releases endorphins, burns calories and reduces stress. It also helps you to get closer to each other. So make the time for a quick romp or if time is really a constraint, then some heavy petting would also suffice. 🙂