The Two-Hour Romantic Fix

Most of us are strapped for time, plagued by long office hours, stressful careers, escalating expenses, looming debts and never-ending household chores. It’s no wonder that we don’t have much time, let alone desire for our partners. Gone are the days when a romantic walk in the park, a trip to the cinema or a romantic dinner for two was part and parcel of spending time together. Nowadays, just being able to grunt a response to each other as you rush out the door is considered quality time.

This trend has got to change. Couples need to get in touch with themselves and each other. This lack of connection and communication can split people apart and that is why we have listed down some suggestions for some fuss-free bonding couples can do in two hours or less.

1. Delectable Dessert

After dinner, why don’t the two of you sit down together and share your thoughts over a sweet dessert session? Go buy a small chocolate fondue – these delights are easily available and affordable. Throw in some chocolates and cut fruit and you can enjoy the company of your loved one and rediscover each other again. To add some atmosphere, dim the lights and light some scented candles, while conversing over a bottle of wine.

2. Dance The Night Away

Play some music, drink some wine and dance. Dance like you don’t have a care in the world, dance like you are the most beautiful, most desirable person in the room, and dance your stress, your tensions and frustrations away. The best bit about all this is that, with dancing you will be burning calories and releasing endorphins or ‘happy hormones’ and physically bonding with your partner.

3. Celluloid Pleasures

Watch a movie, watch a theatre performance, watch a DVD. Whatever you do, watch something that you would both enjoy. Buy an enormous bag of popcorn and crunch away as you are transported into the celluloid world of entertainment. Best still, this creates a common conversation topic as you rant about how stupid the plot was or how awesome the effects were.

4. Play Chef

Cooking together is so sexy. Look up some easy and fun recipes and hit the kitchen! Don an apron and whip up a delicious spread and enjoy. Better yet, feed each other and in other words, throw your mothers’ words of wisdom out the window and play with your food!

5. Go for a Walk

Walk to the park, down the street, up a hill, it doesn’t matter, just walk and while you walk talk. Talk about you, your dreams, your day, your fears, and your life. Reveal the real you to your partner and watch your relationship blossom and intimacy increase.

6. Practice the Teachings of the Kamasutra

Give each other a sensual body massage with aromatherapy massage oils. Explore each other’s bodies like it’s the first time and practice a move from the Kamasutra. Think of it as a learning experience and practise till you get it perfect. Be careful not to injure yourselves though!

7. Rub a Dub Dub

Bathe together. Lather, exfoliate and scrub each other, enjoy this intimate time together, and who knows all that horseplay may lead to some interesting moves that even the writers of Kamasutra haven’t thought of!

8. Laugh

Laughter is truly the best medicine. Watch a comedy, be uninhibited in your laughter, tickle each other, see how long each one of you can last without laughing and breaking away. Let out the child in you and laugh till you tear, laugh till you can’t breath and laugh till you can’t stop. Laughing makes you happy, and happy people naturally have happy relationships.